Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Currently and a Great New Giveaway!

Today is an exciting day for two of my favorite bloggers. Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper and Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching are having a HUGE giveaway. Be sure to hop over there and check it out! 
It's A-MA-ZING!!!!

2013 flew by and I am pretty sure 2014 will do the same. 

Starting off the year with Farley for January's Currently. 

I have spent most of the break watching and listening to college football. I LOVE college football. I love NFL too, but college more. I will be sad in a few days when its over. Don't even want to think about how I will feel after the super bowl.  Moving on.... 

This has been a good break. I am glad to have a few more days off though. I know I will be dreading next week.

Yesterday, my plan was to do my laundry and take a nap for the big New Year's Eve Party we attended. That didn't happen. The party did though. It was awesome and we came home at 4am! Thank goodness it was literally across the street from our house. So, today, laundry did NOT get done. We slept until 11am and I had a 3 hour nap. A wasted day and the laundry is still there. I don't regret it though. We had a blast. 

I would love a MAID. Seriously

I NEED a maid. SERIOUSLY. My kids are still little though, I just need to get past the idea that I will ever have a clean house. I clean and they mess up. It's become a game I think. I am losing, that I know. 

Son #3 will be 8 in a few days. He hurt his foot the day after Christmas. He limped for a few days. It kept hurting so I took him to the doctor. They sent us for an X-Ray. We came home. Then we got the call that he had stress fractures on 4 of his toes. We went back to the doctor, waited ALL day and left with a nice new green cast. This is why my laundry did not get done and a nap was not an option on New Year's Eve. 

The next three weeks are going to be challenging. 

Don't forget about Erin's giveaway at Learning to Be Awesome. Lots of great prizes to win! 

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  1. I say get the maid! I had one for a while, then got guilty that I was paying for something I could/should be doing myself. A couple of months ago, I told my husband I wanted her back. He said go for it and I don't regret a minute of it. It makes my life so much easier!

  2. Hi Elizabeth!

    I totally say go for the maid! Over breaks I get so obsessive about house cleaning and laundry, etc. because I have the time to keep up with it more so that during break-less stretches of the school year, and then when I head back to work I cringeee at how the house work gets pushed aside!! You should totally do it!!

    The Balancing Act I Call Life

  3. I had someone come in and clean the house for a few years. It was way more work for me - I had to clean before she came, because I couldn't bear for anyone to see the house dirty. I finally gave up. Sorry about the broken foot! That is no way to spend New Year's Eve, poor boo.

  4. If you don't get a maid, you should definitely delegate those cleaning tasks to your kids! Isn't that supposed to be a benefit of having them??

  5. We have a maid that comes every other week at a very reasonable price. I also two hours picking up before she comes, but it's so nice to come home to a clean, fresh-smelling house. Also, as I'm picking up, I realize that I would never have the energy to actually CLEAN after getting everything to the point where I could actually clean the house. I figure that what she makes per hour actually cleaning my house is worth getting to spend that time with the kids instead.

  6. Oh no about the cast. :( I have watched every single bowl game...every single one. I am losing horribly in a pool. HORRIBLY. Next time I will need to do a little more research! I have a cleaning guy that comes every other week. I do not feel guilty about all. It's the BEST thing I ever did. I can 100% justify spending the money. I'm allergic to dust...bad. It's not like my kitchen dust allergy is real life.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'