Sunday, April 14, 2013

MS-Sunday Funday- Studying for Assessments

It's back! MS Sunday Funday with Julie over at I Speak Math.
Our state test is 6 school days away. Last week we were in full review mode. We continue this week.

The boring stuff... our kids have homework every night. We just can not fit everything in during 50 minute classes. The kids are not thrilled about it, but we are doing a homework challenge which is helping some. We will see though, Friday was a bad weather make up day for us, they had homework Thursday night. I am hoping they did it Thursday night and put it in their backpack for tomorrow. I wrote about the motivation reward here.

Based on our previous testing data, we have focus standards. Those are the ones we are going over in class. I have tried so hard to keep it interesting, upbeat and not worksheet based. I kind of feel it has been hard because some of my classes are acting up. It makes me think, why do I try so hard? But, I know I do hands on things for me too. I can't stand lecturing and worksheets. Its not good teaching, I know that.

Last week, we did the following two activities. I posted about these here. Both of these activities you can get here.

I have a few more this week, I will be sharing later in the week.


  1. Good luck with state tests! Ours start full swing mid May. Happy Sunday!
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  2. Thanks. Part of me wishes we had more time, part of me is just ready to get it over with!
    After the test, I feel I can have more "fun" with math.


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