Sunday, August 18, 2013

Middle School Math Sunday Funday- GOALS!

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And now for my Sunday link up! 

My Sundays are reserved for Middle School Math Sunday Fundays hosted by Julie over at I Speak Math. She provides a topic each week and we post about it. 

Today's topic is Goals for 2013-2014. 

I went back and reread my post from May 27th where I participated in a Linky called "Next school year, I am definitely going to..."

Happy to say that I can check one of those goals off my list. I mentioned holding a 6th grade orientation before school starts. We had one this past Saturday and it was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! I can't take credit for organizing it, but it was AWESOME! I can't wait to get parent feedback on it. 

Another goal was to create a parent resource pack to help parents help their children with math work. I shared this with parents this past Saturday and they were smiling and shaking their heads in agreement. I made sure not to make them feel "dumb" but honest that they don't use "6th grade math" on a daily basis and may have forgotten some things. Plus, this way they can see the strategies we use in class. 
I did work on it this summer. I am not finished because I procrastinated or started other projects, but it is HIGH on my list for the next few weeks. 

For homework, I mentioned keeping a homework board. I have two preps and I created two posters. I just need to get to Office Max and have them printed. (I have one week until students come, I can get it done!)
This is where I got the idea from, Fourth Grade Flipper. I will share mine once it is up! 

I always have the goal of getting and STAYING organized. So far, so good. Of course, I have only been there two days! HA! 
But, this summer I did create things to help me stay organized. I made boxes for my task cards and labeled everything. I am so excited about this and just plans to continue doing so with everything I make. 

I also mentioned "not adding more to my plate". I really just make a sign and place it by my desk, in my planner, etc... I need, I mean really NEED to say no more often. 

A big change this year in my classroom is moving from a composition notebook to a binder for Math Interactive Notebooks. I am nervous but also excited. I have already been working on organizing and foldables for my units. Can't wait to share more about this! 

So, how about you? What are our goals? 

oh, and don't forget to SHOP til you DROP today!!! 

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  1. One of my goals is to get organized too. I bought a bunch of the file folders for my task cards that are just like yours. I am wondering what do you do with the answers? Many times the answer sheet is a full sheet or even half a sheet and they don't fit. I am curious to know how you do it. Thanks for your time!

  2. I do two things.
    1. If students need the answer key, I fold it and put it in the box. It isn't optimal, but it works!

    2.I have made a notebook of the task cards I have purchased and made. It is divided by skill. I printed the title page and the answer key front and back for me to have access to. If there is a teacher page I printed that as well. I keep a copy of the recording sheet there as well so I can make copies quickly.

    Hope that helps!