Sunday, August 25, 2013

Polka Dot Heaven- My Classroom

Finally getting to share my classroom pictures. There are many, just warning! 

This is what I walked into a few weeks ago. 

Behavior Management Plan 
Brain Dump revamped. I have blogged about this here
Student created Math posters found here

Got these from Brown Bag Teacher

Changed word wall to "vocabulary" wall. The heading are the main categories. I am thrilled to add the cards I bought from Math Mojo, they are Uh-MA-ZING!! 
1st Prep Agenda board. The orange arrow says, Homework board idea from Fourth Grade Flipper"
2nd Prep Agenda Board
Great management tool! Students fill out, not me. 
Love this and it works! I have blogged about this here
Test Taking Strategies. 
"I don't know" is not an option in our classroom!

Mathematician posters from Miss Math Dork!

I actually have a few more I need to take, but will have to post another day. As much as I want to head to school, we have baseball today! 

Check out MS Sunday Funday for more looks into classrooms! 

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  1. I love when a blogger starts out by warning that there are a lot of pictures ahead...
    Such organization! I am excited to go back and follow the links--especially about the Homework binder and the "brain dump."
    And I LOVE that polka dotted duct tape. You can bet I'll be trying to track down some of that.
    Thanks for the great ideas!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I really like the Tardy binder! I am going to try out the No Homework binder this year! Everything looks wonderful!

  3. It looks wonderful!! Can't wait to hear more about your class!
    Doodling Around in 6th Grade

  4. Your room looks great - I love all the dots!! I really like how you used the blinds in your room as hanging space, I need to do more with the blinds in my room.
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans